Well, Hello :-)

Purpose of this blog?  I have been engaged for the past 16 months (count’m up!) and will be married in a bit less than 2 months.  Our 18 month engagement is slightly over the U.S. average of 14 months, but that is largely due to the fact that both me and my future spouse are graduate students on an academic calendar.  Over the past 16 months, however, I’ve learned a lot about weddings, and more specifically a lot about organizing weddings for the discerning, yet practical bride.  This blog is to chronicle the mistakes I’ve made, the lessons I’m learning, and the awesome potential of  weddings & marriage. 

My philosophy? I believe weddings should feel authentic to the couple, should reflect their everyday lives, and that the marriage is always the best part.  Weddings do cost money (but that the amount is decided by the couple, and not the wedding industry) and that all budgets should create a beautiful, heartfelt affair.  

Mostly I believe that wedding planning  is not defined by your budget, but rather by understanding your options.  Too often I see brides picking something because they feel it’s (a) the only thing they can afford, (b) it’s the only ‘proper’ way to do a wedding, or (c) because they don’t have the time to explore other options.  Helping brides realize and choose among their options will be a reoccurring message here.  

Who am I?  I am a researcher, a planner, and an organizer…I spend my days researching & writing in academia (i.e. grad school), and many nights scouring the wedding world with the same thoroughness.  I adore pretty, I need the heartfelt, and I always cry at weddings (even those on Glee…).

Welcome :-).  


I would love to know what you think!

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