Bridal Hair: Up, down, or somewhere in between?

Tomorrow we will discuss a big picture view of wedding planning, and Wednesday will be another Budget Breakdown for a $4000 country-side wedding. Today, however, we are going to discuss bridal hair.   

To put it in context, I have very curly hair.  Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman meets Anne Hathway in Princess Brides (before the makeover!).   As many curly hair girls know, a big decision is deciding to wear our hair up, down, or somewhere in between.  I have a strong connection with my head of curls – their big, crazy, and usually the most memorable thing about my appearance.   My hair & makeup trial is tomorrow – sometime before then, I have to decide which way to style it!

3 Options for Bridal Hair:

1.  A Classic Up-do.   This style will promise classic photos with that timeless, bridal look.  Practically speaking, it’s also great for day of hugging friends, posing for pictures, and dancing the night away as it will stay in place and keep you as cool as possible (no hot hair hanging down your back!).    One up-do I like: 

Bridal Hair Classic Updo

Bridal Hair Classic Updo

2.  Somewhere in-between.   Ah, the seemingly perfect mix between up-do formality and free-flowing curls.  For many, it is a sure winner:  a half up-do that artfully frames the face (banishing large foreheads and minimizing those jawbones in one sweep!) while languishing in long, flowing locks.   Here’s a style I love: 

Bridal Hair half up, half down

Bridal Hair half up, half down

3.  All down & loving it.  The perfect style for casual beach weddings, romantic country affairs, and any diva in between.  Both romantic and diva, this style lends itself well to those blessed with long locks (and those who create them with extensions!).  While I think I would like to keep at least half of my hair out of my face for practical reasons, like many of you, I’ve been growing my hair out for the wedding and I’d like to show it off.   Here’s one style I’d love to emulate:

Bridal hair, all down

Bridal hair, all down

But I would love it if I could have a style the transitioned effortlessly from up for the ceremony to down for the reception!  Something like this:

Bridal Hair - Up to Down

Bridal Hair - Up to Down

Given the nature of my curls and desire for to stay cool (my wedding is Memorial Day weekend in southern North Carolina!), I will most likely end up with something like this:

Curly Bridal Hair - updo

Curly Bridal Hair - updo

Which one would you pick?


12 thoughts on “Bridal Hair: Up, down, or somewhere in between?

  1. I LOOOOVVVVEEEE that up to down one. I also like the half up half down, but the up to down one that you say would transition effortlessly is my favorite.

  2. As another curly headed bride to be, and yes my hair is super curly (like Anne Hathaway before the makeover), I’ve also been contemplating how I’ll wear my hair. I’ve found pics with big curls, up-do’s, half up-do’s, and lots of other styles, but I’ve still not made up my mind. Since my wedding is at 3pm in September in South Carolina wearing my down and natural means it’s going to be hot and heavy, and will probably get frizzy…So I need to choose something that will survive the humidity and still look like me. I do wear my hair straight on occasion, but mostly I wear it curly. I did the straight hair for the engagement pics, but I really do want my hair more natural for the wedding. I’ve been thinking of writing a post about this very thing but haven’t found enough examples of what I like yet. Good luck with choice.

    • Thanks! I am actually having bridal portraits (at my mom’s request) and will post pictures of the hair/make-up done there, as well as hair and make-up from my trial run. I’ve noticed that my natural curls don’t style as well as I would like…it seems inevitable that they are re-curled with a curling iron to create “hold.” (Or I assume it’st to create hold…) Good luck to you as well finding a style you like!

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