Why you should consider an Engagement Session before your Wedding

First, thank you for the wonderful discussion yesterday.  I loved hearing that our weddings should be “a fabulous party that reflects us and doesn’t stress us out financially.”  I will also admit that my perspective on styled photo shoots has broadened.  As Jaimie pointed out, styled inspiration shoots are a great way for wedding vendors to express themselves creatively while also researching new vendors for their brides.  (Jaimie is a wedding planner and designer in Atlanta.  If you missed the discussion from yesterday, please take a peek at the comments.)

Today, however, I want to share our engagement session.  I am a huge proponent of having an engagement session done.  I realize that not having a session can be an easy way to save money.  But if, like me,  you get nervous in front of cameras, it is a great way to warm-up to your photographer before your actual wedding day.  Also, I enjoy having great pictures of us – all of our before pictures were camera phone quality at best!

But here’s the real secret:  if your photographer does not already include an engagement session in their quoted service, then you should negotiate in one for free or little cost.   Many photographers will be happy to offer a free engagement session or work with you to lower the costs of one if you are willing to sign a contract that they can do both the engagement session and your wedding.   When you’re going over their proposal simply state “I love your work, and I would love to hire you today, but my budget needs to accommodate both the engagement session and the wedding.  It is possible that we could adjust the cost to ___?”  

Without further ado, here’s our engagement session by the awesome Krystal Kast Photography

Engagement Pictures Guitar Krystal Kast Photography

Did I mention my partner plays the guitar?

Engagement Pictures Guitar Krystal Kast Photography

As well as the piano 🙂

Engagement Pictures Guitar Krystal Kast Photography

It was hard for me to not laugh - cameras give me nervous-laughter!

Engagement Pictures Guitar Krystal Kast Photography

We are standing on train tracks near where we had our first date. This shot was the photographer's idea - and I love it!