24 days to go and the Wedding Nightmares begin…

Wedding Zen

Wedding Zen

Now that final exams are essentially over (one paper to go!), I unfortunately have had time to realize that its only 24 days until the “Big Day.” (Please, read that with irony.)  Which most likely explains my nightmare from last night.  It seems that all my repressed fears of our wedding are bursting out now that I have finally took a moment to sleep:  the food never showed up, my parents decided to go watch basketball instead of attend the reception, half the guests were lost in the half-mile trek between the ceremony and reception venue and –  worst of all – no one danced.

Thankfully, I woke up.  Despite the fact that the Knot cheerfully told me this morning that I still have 38 items on my to-do list (design ceremony programs, make a kids plan, get a marriage license…) I realize that it will be okay if we don’t cross everything off our to-do list.  (Except maybe the marriage license – we’re going to get that tomorrow!)  Our guests have been to a wedding and can figure out our traditional ceremony without reading the subtitles.  As for the kiddies, all they really need is cake and a dance floor to be happy.  

In the next 24 days it would be nice to figure out my “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  But, I also have to write a final paper, move out-of-state, start a new job, and be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends.  Somehow, those things are taking a bit higher priority than writing out my seating chart…

So for my friends that are so graciously inquiring, yes, I am excited.  But no, it’s not all done yet.  Sometimes I have nightmares, but usually when I am awake I replace them  with a certain degree of wedding zen.  I have a ton of things on my to-do list between now and May 27, but most of them are Life Things, not designing programs things, so we’ll see how those programs turn out. 


6 thoughts on “24 days to go and the Wedding Nightmares begin…

  1. oh man, I went through a rough period of anxiety-induced insomnia and wedding nightmares back in January. I learned to not stay online looking at wedding photos, or do any scheming right before bed, tarot card readings and Ortho-sleep helped. Lol!

    You sounds like you really have your priorities straight and combined with your great attitude, you’ll be fine!

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