3 Reasons Why you should Hire Professionals for your Hair and Makeup (even when you’re on a budget)

Yay, it’s Friday!  As I mentioned before, I had a hair and makeup trial a couple of weeks ago.  I loved the makeup but I am not sure I want to wear my hair up.  Next week I am going to have bridal portraits and have my hair styled half-up, half-down to compare.   I thought I’d share these pictures in case anyone needed up-do hair inspiration.  For the curious, I relied on the pros at MakeupforyourDay.  Also, because I think this is something that budget-conscious brides struggle with, I thought I would include my 3 reasons to hire professionals, even when you’re on a budget. 

3 Reasons to Hire Professionals for Wedding Hair and Makeup:

1.  Reduce stress.   I have crazy curls and basic makeup skills, yet I have high expectations for my wedding day hair and makeup.   An easy way to ensure that I have the “bridal” look is to simply have someone with the appropriate tools, skills, and experience style my hair and apply my makeup.  Not to mention that a little extra pampering on your wedding day is always a good thing :-). 

2.  Ensure professional results.   I believe there is a difference between doing makeup for a night out on the town and being able to apply it for wedding pictures.  Below I have a comparison picture.  The first is an amateur shot by a friend after I had my makeup and hair professionally done.  The second is a professional engagement photo in which I did my hair and makeup – and it looks like I am not wearing makeup.   Applying makeup for film or photography is a skill, as is knowing which products to use on different skin types and colors.  Of course you can learn how, but if you’re not someone who wears a lot of makeup regularly, it might be a bigger time or money investment than it appears at first. 

Bridal Makeup Before and After

Bridal Makeup Before and After

3.   Save money.   If you’re like me and have a limited makeup bag that’s better suited for Bobbi-Brown-goes-to-work than blushing-garden-bride, then purchasing all the make-up for a wedding can be expensive.   Purchasing foundation, blush, the perfect shade of lipstick, waterproof mascara, etc. adds up quickly.  If these are items that you don’t use regularly  (and you will uncover in your makeup drawer a year later covered in dust…) than perhaps it’s less expensive to  have a makeup artist instead of purchasing everything yourself.  This is certainly true for me, as my version of foundation is a tinted moisturizer. 

Now, that said, here are my up-do hair pictures – I’ll be sure to share the half-up/half-down next week!

Bridal Hair Low Up-do

Bridal Hair Low Up-do

Are you planning on diy-ing your hair and makeup or bringing in a professional?


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