Follow Friday: DIY Bride for the uber-crafty!

Next week we will be discussing the big picture for wedding planning as well as featuring a Chapel Hill wedding for $4000 (including a full dinner and open bar for 80 guests!).   Today, however, I want to share a site that may be helpful to those who are uber-crafty (unlike my own quasi-craftiness): DIY Bride.

DIY Bride features beautiful weddings with fun, inspiring projects.  They have a small section of free downloads to get you started, and a fantastic selection of projects and tutorials.  While some are a bit more challenging than others, it’s a great source for anyone looking to add that handmade touch to their wedding.

Lastly, the blogger Khris, has published 3 DIY books, including this one.

An example of a project:  A Cricut Paper Bouquet

cricut paper bouquet via DIY Bride

cricut paper bouquet via DIY Bride